Pool Paradise Tips

Swimming pools play a major role in the American Dream. Whether it’s hosting a Fourth of July party or summer BBQ’s, bright swimming pools give your family and friends every possibility to enjoy one of our greatest pastimes.

On the other hand, there are certain swimming pools made for the best possible location. While it may be hard to visualize any of these seven astonishing swimming pools in your backyard, they certainly make you look forward to summer every year. It’s time to step into Paradise.

This vacation home is ideal for more than just getting away from work. This remodeled pool has it all with the canopy above the home, umbrellas all around, a grassy surrounding (easy on the feet) and stepping stones to get around this huge backyard. The sliding doors leading inside the home also allow for easy access, something anyone would need as they host pool parties with this terrific evening view.

Tropical backdrops make for the best pool parties in the world. You will certainly get that luxurious setting with this hillside pool, a separate deck for sunbathing, colorful flowers all around and of course, the gorgeous view of the ocean. You will also notice the covered patio above, great for getting a bite to eat or mixing your next cocktail.

Besides hosting parties, there are other benefits to swimming pools.

The traditional pool still has its place in America. These homeowners wanted to preserve that old-fashioned look with the Greek columns, Mediterranean design and a covered second-story overlooking the entire pool. When you host a pool party or family gathering, you need an area to oversee it all. That paved patio is the perfect spot.

Floor to ceiling windows make for a happy family and an even better home. Add in a large, oval pool with pebble concrete, a covered patio and you have yourself the perfect setting for a Paradise pool party. If you don’t have a cloud in the sky, it would be a crime to not invite your friends and family over.

Outdoor pools and settings do not get more beautiful than this. The cement tile walkway presents the perfect welcome into this gorgeous swimming pool. The tropical trees in the background, small stones around the pool and breathtaking view of the ocean complete this perfect renovation.

Waterfalls are not just for the kids anymore. We are starting to see homeowners add this element to their adult pools as well. It goes great with the eclectic art pieces, flower beds and red Spanish tile behind it. This inground pool also has pool seating right up against the poolside bar. If that doesn’t scream vacation or pool party, we don’t know what does.

It may be hard to tell just how gorgeous this remodeled pool is, but many pool parties and get-togethers go into the night. You should know what the view is like in the evening.

This renovated pool implemented a curved design, a grassy landscape with ivory tile beside it and tropical trees all around to give it an elegant flair many other pools can’t accomplish.